Here you can learn about the team at BNice, what they do, who they are, & a little about their history.


Carter Nies

CEO and Co-Founder

With a distinguished career spanning 28 years in the Automotive Industry and extensive experience in consultancy, our visionary leader excels in the domains of sales, negotiation, process training, management, and economics. Carter's overarching objective is to seamlessly amalgamate his Web2 achievements with the evolving Web3 landscape. His unwavering dedication and profound enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency and NFT markets have catalyzed the inception of B.Nice Productions.

Brian Nies

President and Co-Founder

With a lifelong love of economics and entrepreneurial business endeavors, “Papa’s” role as our President is ideal because of his extensive business experience and people skills. “Mr. BNice” himself travels the world as our lead brand ambassador. Known for his overwhelming generosity, philanthropy, and love of all things people. He is the heart of BNice and the lead driver of the BNice Racing Team.

Doc Russ

Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder

Doc Russ is a Retired Psychiatrist, Addiction Expert and Human Behavior Consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and works to develop the branding strategies and to ensure that all BNice communications are sending engaging consistent BNice messages. The more impactful consulting experiences were working for P&G on 55 projects across many different P&G brands and working on 300 Miramax and Dimension films movies designing all of the nationwide television commercials and trailers. Implementing his human behavioral skill set he will be instrumental in the creation of the immersive Metaverse design and audio experience.

Josh Pears

Art Director, Curator, Partner

Josh Pears is a multi-disciplinary creative proficient in photography, graphic design, video production, and web development, offering tailored solutions to his clients. With expertise in typography, logo design, ad campaigns, and branding, he crafts designs that deeply resonate with viewers. He excels in portrait, product, and fine art photography, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and a talent for vibrant imagery. In video production, he brings visions to life through motion graphics, editing, and effects, while also adeptly developing unique websites that reflect brand identities. Josh has successfully collaborated with luxury brands, restaurants, and fashion labels, aiding in defining their brand identities and achieving global success.

Heather Hellmann

Chief Promotions Officer

Success driven visionary. Entrepreneurial Spirit with 18+ years of experience in executive level business acumen derived from marketing, branding, target marketing, automation, strategy, business development and analytics. Impactor with the drive to coach others to success in all positive outlets in life, with a proven record of accomplishment in several Industry focused sectors for branding alignment, social media expertise, online technology, lead generation and successful client growth, reach and retention. Expert level in strategic solutions for business development to support sales goals, build brand integrity, outline clear objectives for market growth and sustainability. Belief in motivational leadership, by inspiring teams to deliver top performance against industry competitors. Involved passionately as a dedicated member of the community, founder of a program to mentor you entrepreneurs and network aspiring professionals. An active volunteer and board member with several non-for-profit and charitable organizations.

Matthew Snider

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew, a registered Investment Advisor Representative, began his post-MBA career as a management consultant at both Big4 and boutique firms specializing in financial / liquidity risk management and marketing data analytics. Beginning in 2017, he became an active participant in many nascent cryptocurrency projects and began speaking to executive teams about the benefits of building go-to-market solutions for blockchain-based innovations. Noticing the quick pace of adoption for the NFT space, Matthew founded his own consulting agency to help organizations and brands devise campaign strategies centered around market entry and building key utility features to maximize user adoption. Matthew received his MBA from Loyola Marymount University and his BA from Boston University.
Matthew_Snider Headshot

Mr. Darius

Chief Vibes Officer

Mr. Darius, the ultimate creative force! He's a multi-talented artist, published author, designer, rapper, singer, songwriter, poet, and more, as he continues to make a positive difference in the world of Web3, NFTS & beyond. His work has earned him recognition from big names like 12X Platinum Producer & YugaLabs Partnership Lead IllaDaProducer, the legendary SpottieWiFi, with Art & Music NFT collaborations that have set the art world on fire. From Paris art exhibitions to appearing on the Randi Zuckerberg Crypto Cafe Podcast, Mr. Darius is making waves. Catch him live at NFTNYC 2024 & stay tuned for more surprises!

Lisha Shepard

Brand Ambassador

Executive business professional with expertise in Business Development, Advisory, Investor Relations, and Consulting. As a Connector, I have excelled at building strong relationships and fostering strategic partnerships. With a passion for Business & Development, I am dedicated to helping companies thrive and stay at the forefront of technology. I love developing innovative strategies that drive profitability and meet goals. Additionally, as a Community Builder, I’m actively involved in multiple communities, where I help in building lasting relationships and growing networks across the communities. With a diverse skill set and a proven track record, I enjoy bringing valuable insights and solutions to organizations seeking to expand and succeed.

The Labz

Web3 Technology Development Company

Labz is passionate about creating decentralised application ecosystems which catalyses the adoption challenge of blockchain technology. We provide holistic solutions for our clients in their transition from Web2 to Web3.

Glenn Grillo

Unreal Engine Developer

Arcane's Glenn Grillo blends art with technology, illuminating parks and China's magic shows. Crafting visuals at Area15, he now presents "The Arcanum", a multi-medium cosmic odyssey.
Christian Nies

Chris Nies

Director of Retail Merchandise and Quality Control

Christian holds a Bachelors of Political Science from Stockton University, as well as spending years with the biggest name-branded retailers in America, Christian brings a wealth of knowledge from the fashion industry, as well as quality to B.Nice consumer goods. Passion, garment expertise, and quality control are brought into the sphere to make sure all items sold to our customers have the B.Nice guarantee. Christian is the co-owner of Code 1 Creations, a commercial print, embroidery, and sublimation facility.

Zhizo Adoyi

Social Media Moderator

Zhizo is a Chemical Engineering graduate with an affinity for blockchain and cryptocurrency. A fervent advocate since 2017, he's contributed articles to various crypto projects and has served as a dedicated community moderator for four years, guiding and nurturing crypto discussions. His collaboration with BNice in early 2023 has marked a vision focused on support, inclusivity and education, Benedict aims to amplify understanding and adoption of decentralized technologies.
Adeoye Abeeb

Adeoye Abeeb

Social Media Moderator

Abeeb is a Business Administration student from Nigeria and a dedicated crypto enthusiast with over 3 years of experience. Passionate about Web3 technology, he began with Bitcoin and has since delved into smart contracts and DeFi. With a firm belief in decentralization and transparency, Adeoye actively engages in online Web3 communities, leveraging his academic background to understand the convergence of business and blockchain innovations.