Things that we have done and will do.

Q2 2023

  1. Daytona Speedway Driving Experience with BNice C8 Corvette
  2. Make-A-Wish Fundraising Event at Exotic Car Show in Celebration, Florida
  3. Airdrop offer for Daytona NFTs to Telegram Core on Sologenic/XRPL/Polygon
  4. Contest with 25,000 Sologenic Giveaway for Social Media growth and Viral sharing
  5. Hosted Twitter Spaces for BNice Meet-The-Team and Artists AMAs
  6. Released Daytona NFT Series 1 Photos by Josh Pears on Sologenic/XRPL
  7. Voted Editor’s Choice on Sologenic NFT Marketplace
  8. Launch initial marketing campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube
  9. Release Daytona NFT Series 2 Photos by Josh Pears on Sologenic/XRPL
  10. MMA Event Sponsorship of Men of War 17 Live Submission Grappling on PPV
  11. Twitter X, Discord, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Threads, Medium, Linkedin and Telegram Channels Launch

Q3 2023

  1. Commencement of development of BNICE Web3 Wallet and mobile app
  2. Pro Grappling Event Sponsorship of Men of War 18 Live PPV
  3. Mint BNICE token on Polygon Matic
  4. Strategic Technology Partnership formed with
  5. Implementation of BNice Copyright Protection Software for Artists
  6. Twitter Spaces for BNice Artists and AMAs with BNice Team & Developers

Q4 2023

  1. Launch BNice Custom Wallet
  2. V3 of the BNice web site and entertainment platform
  3. Twitter Spaces for BNice Artists and AMAs with BNice Team and Developers
  4. BNice at Art Basel in Miami
  5. Launch Affiliate programs to incentivize community members
  6. Doc Russ launches "BNice self help wellness spaces"
  7. BNice commences the production of the documentary "The World of Web3".
  8. BNice and Renda Writer participate in "Youth suicide prevention and awarness event at The Dorsey library, Miami Florida"
  9. Partnership formed with Blok Investments

Q1 2024

  1. BNice Token launch on ETH via Uniswap DEX
  2. Release BNice Metaverse Art Gallery
  3. Launch 1st BNice Arcane Paradigm Virtual Dome Show Experience
  4. Launch NFT and Digital Asset Platform
  5. Release Shelly Franz 1st NFT Premium Artist Collection
  6. Release RendaWriter’s 1st NFT Premium Artist Collection
  7. Release of the BNice Daytona Experience 2024 NFT and $25,000/Dream vacation giveaway
  8. Release Pop Culture Kids "Legends of Hip Hop" Series1

Q2 2024

  1. Celebration Exotic Car Show and Make a Wish Charity Event April 1-5
  2. The BNice Daytona Experience 2024 April 6th and 7th at Daytona Motor Speedway Daytona, Florida
  3. Release Renda Writer Apparel Premium Artist Collection
  4. Release “Legends of Hip Hop Series 2” NFT Collection of 13 of 13 each
  5. Release RendaWriter 2nd Premium Artist NFT as Product Collection
  6. Release Three “Single Upcoming LIVE Event” NFT Collections of 1,000 of each with the numbered NFTs Tickets
  7. Twitch and Kick Live Streaming Launch
  8. Apply to one major CEX exchange
  9. Launch BNice Clothing and Apparel Line
  10. BNice Mobile Wallet IOS & Android Applications release
  11. Presale of BNice Metaverse Land Assets
  12. Launch 1st Live BNice Web3 Concert Event Series
  13. Launch community initiatives to engage and grow the BNICE community

Q3 2024

  1. Release 1st Version of BNice Metaverse
  2. Launch V4 of the BNice Web3 digital and tokenized asset platform
  3. Premiere 1st BNice Virtual Fashion Show
  4. Explore opportunities to expand BNICE to other industries beyond entertainment
  5. Release “Legends of Pop Series 2 NFT Collection of 13 of 13 each
  6. Release Renda Writer’s 2nd NFT Premium Artist Collection
  7. Release “Unlimited Dome Show Pass 2024-2025” NFT Collection of 2,500 of each

Q4 2024

  1. Acquire Gaming License for BNice Casino and Sportsbook
  2. Debut BNice Art Auction and Charity Fundraising Event Art Basel Miami
  3. First BNice Peer-to-Peer Gaming (play-to-earn video games)
  4. Develop new strategies to further promote BNICE and increase adoption
  5. BNice Credit card and DEFI services offered to NFT and token holders