Renda Writer

About Renda Writer

Renda Writer, an artist who has carved a unique niche in the art world with his handwritten murals, stands as a beacon of creativity and inspiration. His journey, deeply rooted in his love for hip-hop and its intricate wordplay, has evolved from the music industry to a significant movement in visual art, spreading messages of peace and unity worldwide.

Writer’s artistic odyssey began in the vibrant corridors of the music industry, where he first encountered the potent emotional power of words. His path meandered through Spoken Word Poetry, event hosting, and even magazine leadership, each step further igniting his desire to transform words into visual spectacles.

Transitioning from penning words on found objects to creating ‘Handwritten Art’ on expansive canvases and murals, Writer’s art took a pivotal turn with his ambitious “World Peace Mural Tour.” This project, inspired by KRS-One’s song “World Peace” and culminating in the creation of the “World’s Largest Hip Hop Mural” in Hackensack, New Jersey, showcases Writer’s commitment to his craft and his message.

Writer’s murals are not just art; they are manifestos of peace, intricately intertwined with the history of hip-hop music that fuels his passion. His work, visible in numerous countries, transcends cultural barriers, bringing a universal message of harmony and understanding. These murals have not only beautified spaces but have also attracted a substantial following of collectors and art enthusiasts, drawn to the depth and sincerity of his messages.

Renda Writer’s evolution as an artist is a testament to the enduring power of words and the beauty of following one’s passion. His journey from the rhythm of hip-hop to the visual poetry of his murals embodies the transformative potential of art and its capacity to convey profound messages. In a world often divided, Writer’s murals stand as vivid reminders of the possibility of unity and peace, one handwritten word at a time.