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What is BNice?

An innovative web3 ecosystem for art, entertainment, sports, education and finance.

BNice is more than a web3 platform; it's a movement striving for global betterment, seamlessly merging art, finance, and both digital and physical domains. The innovative "Glass Wallet" exemplifies our commitment to transparency, reflecting values of honesty and integrity. Central to BNice is the goal to inspire kindness and encourage a compassionate world. Through partnerships like "Make-A-Wish Foundation," "NFTs For Autism" with GalleryHope, and the upcoming “Hands of Hope'' initiative with a recognized Autism charity, BNice amplifies its mission, championing positive impact both online and offline.


The BNice NFT Marketplace features three main categories: curated galleries of digital and physical handcrafted art, a section for partner projects to mint, trade, and set fees for their unique creations, and an open “mint-your-own” section for artists. Leveraging the $BNICE token, the platform boasts competitive fees. BNice champions authenticity, transparency, and creativity, creating a cohesive space for artists, creators, and collectors to interact and enhance real-world experiences.


The $BNICE utility token drives a premier web3 platform catering to art, music, gaming, entertainment, and upcoming metaverse features, designed for everyone from blockchain novices to DeFi experts and digital art enthusiasts. With a leading web3 wallet enabling straightforward email sign-ups, our platform simplifies crypto adoption and onboarding. The $BNICE token offers discounts for NFT Marketplace minting and is the chief currency for our offerings. Powered by the efficient Polygon Layer-2 blockchain, $BNICE guarantees quick, cost-effective, and secure transactions, encompassing DEX swaps and prospective real-world art tokenization.


The BNice Shop offers exclusive, stylish limited-edition apparel and fashion lines, crafted in partnership with our artists and South American textile associates. Every item is personalized and refined for quality at our family-operated print and embroidery shop in New Jersey, Code1 Creations, ensuring unmatched quality and customization.


BNice stands at the forefront of web3 innovation, driving breakthroughs in blockchain and metaverse while championing charitable initiatives. Our dedicated news portal keeps stakeholders, artists, and collectors updated on our evolving journey, transcending conventional boundaries. Committed to transparency and community involvement, we emphasize regular feedback, staying attuned to emerging trends and priming ourselves for future innovative prospects.

Future Features

Dive into BNice’s Neo-Tokyo metaverse, an immersive virtual world merging technology and artistry, reshaping social engagement and enhancing daily joy. Our mobile app streamlines entry to the crypto realm with a user-friendly wallet created via email. Prioritizing security and self-custody of crypto, the app offers elite Dex, DeFi, and staking functionalities, facilitating both fiat currency transactions and minimizing fees and errors.

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