Future Features

The BNice Wallet

  • Easy signup with phone or email for those not familiar with crypto wallets
  • Exchange other crypto to the BNice token
  • Keep an eye on all your transactions with NFTs and tokens
  • Discounted gas fees
  • BNice Token Swap
  • Connects via wallet connect to any exchange
The video above is just a prototype to show what the wallet will look like.

The BNice Marketplace

  • The freedom for the collections, creators, and artists to set the terms that work for their communities. BNice easymint gives you the freedom to set your project or collections terms. Do business the way you want to without corporate oversight
  • A truly Decentralized marketplace
  • Set your own Royalties, taxes and fees determined by you the party minting the asset
  • Discounted gas and minting fees when the BNice token is utilized for transactions, minting and transfering
  • Multichain minting capabilities
  • Future NFT Pawn Shop

The BNice Gallery

  • A curated NFT marketplace that you can invest in real art by real artists
  • Find art based on style or genre
  • Ability to buy the physical artwork with the purchase of the digital version and/or a meet-up with the artist
  • Discover art you might like based on the NFT you are currently viewing.
  • Learn about the artist and connect with them on their socials.

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